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Absolute Zero



In the icy jaws of an early winter, three big-city professionals joined Phil Broker on a canoe trip across Minnesota's remotest lake. Nature's unexpected fury battered and nearly killed them. 


But it was Man who left one of them worse than dead . . . 


Haunted ex-cop Phil Broker owes Hank Sommer his life -- and now the wealthy writer is in a coma, thanks to a “freak” mishap on a hospital operating table. Broker knows from hard experience that accidents are not always what they appear to be. He suspects foul play, and he's not about to let Sommer fade out of this world so easily. But the trail to answers is twisted and deadly, winding around the comatose man's beautiful wife -- a former exotic dancer -- and the ring of dangerous men still surrounding her. And Broker's determined search for justice and truth is taking him to a dark and terrifying place where he will be forced to fight for his very survival on the coldest night in Minnesota's history. 


Chuck Logan's Absolute Zero is one of the most complete and satisfying mystery thrillers I have read in a long time. It may seem like a cliché to say the characters Logan created are so real you can actually see them, but it is true. They are deep and well-defined, and the story is gripping, compelling and flawlessly plotted.


Peculiar predicaments and intense scenes saturate Absolute Zero. The questionable relationships between Hank's friends and his wife only add fuel to the fire. A cold and hypothermic thriller, Chuck Logan's latest stands out in the genre. Fast-paced chapters, taut prose and teeth grinding dialogue make for one heck of a heart-hammering suspense novel.


© 2003 by Phillip Tomasso III for Curled Up With a Good Book