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South of Shiloh



Dedicated devotees of history gather near Corinth, Mississippi, carrying ancient weapons and dressed in authentic Civil War uniforms, to refight the Battle of Kirby Creek. But during the reenactment, a sniper's bullet rips through an unsuspecting participant ... and a man who lived for mock war dies for his obsession.


The fatal shot was intended for Kenny Beeman--a Mississippi cop standing next to the victim--a grim discovery that compels the dead man's widow to enlist the aid of her former lover, news photographer John Rane. Armed with an accurate Sharps Civil War rifle and live ammunition, Rane must now join forces with Beeman in a bizarre world of pretend soldiers. For a modern-day war born of corruption and greed is about to erupt on hallowed ground--and the battlefield of Shiloh will run red with blood once again.



Thomas L. Kilpatrick Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information - School Library Journal


Starred Review.

Minnesota Civil War buff Paul Eden's death near Corinth, MS is the result of a sniper's bullet gone wrong, but the incident is ruled an accident for lack of evidence, although locals have their suspicions. Tensions rise when John Rane, a news photographer from St. Paul, arrives a week later with Eden's reenactment gear, a rare Civil War rifle, and camera equipment he doesn't use and seeks out Deputy Sheriff Kenny Beeman, the sniper's intended victim. Together, Rane and Beeman plot a showdown at a reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh scheduled for the next weekend. As the men lay their plans, they gradually reveal their pasts, their motivations, and their temperaments. Meanwhile, the sniper's life takes a series of unexpected turns, which makes the outcome of the showdown as uncertain as the Battle of Shiloh 145 years earlier. Logan (Vapor Trail; Absolute Zero) has penned a tightly woven, low-key thriller that is fascinating for its historical theme, attention to detail, and analysis of the opposing psyches of North and South. An intensely gripping story of greed, manipulation, family dysfunction, and murder; highly recommended.

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