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The Big Law



When former cop Phil Broker's naive ex-wife, Caren, blows the whistle on her feckless second husband, Keith Angland, a St. Paul cop making a cool $2 million moonlighting for the Chicago mob, she unwittingly signs her own death warrant. Unwisely for Caren, she not only shared her troubles with Broker, she also told Tom James, a reporter with fantasies of pulling off the perfect crime. Inspired by the $2 million payoff she entrusted to his safekeeping, Tom kills Caren in a brilliant frame-up that leaves her crooked cop-husband to take the fall. Covering all the angles, Tom runs to the FBI -- "the Big Law" -- and wangles a new life in the Witness Protection Program. But Tom's perfect plan doesn't count on Broker. Hard-edged and relentless, Broker smells a rat and is determined to set things right. But to succeed, he's got to locate Tom -- a clever man with a new identity, a suitcase full of cash, and the Big Law on his side.



From Publishers Weekly


Continuing the saga of loner ex-cop Phil Broker from The Price of Blood, Logan, a rising new maestro of suspense, explores the inner workings of the Federal Witness Protection Program in this crackerjack new spellbinder featuring dirty money, compulsion and revenge. When St. Paul, Minn., facing star reporter Tom James, a down-on-his-luck gambler, receives an anonymous tip that once-charismatic cop Keith Angland is on the take with the mob, the trail leads James to Angland's abused wife, Caren, who has decided to seek witness protection and turn over her husband's ill-gotten stash of $2 million in big bills and an incriminating videotape. (Caren is also Broker's ex.) While driving Caren to Broker's backwoods retreat, James persuades her to hide the tape and cash as he obsesses on stealing the loot for himself. An ensuing dispute with Angland at Broker's cabin provides James the opportunity to commit a convenient murder. Accusing Angland of the deed, James demands that the feds give him a new identity in exchange for the tape. The enthralling yarn becomes a cat-and-mouse game as Broker tries to locate James. Virtually seamless, the prose mesmerizes with intelligent contrasts between the monastic single-father hero and the obsessive-compulsive villain. The ingenious plot and case of well-fleshed-out characters, including a Russian Mafia czar and a sexy editor, continue to mark Logan as a standout in the genre.

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