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Broker Is Back. Way Back. It’s 1979. Broker has contracted with the state crime bureau for a secret, risky, undercover job that no cop could do, and it just turned into an open elevator shaft. A former foreign agent turns up dead in a remote patch of woods. A ton of contraband is in play that could have international implications. Broker knows he’s as flawed and fearless as the other members of his pick-up crew but he can’t resist following the trail into a limbo world where the shadows of the powerful merge with the shadows of the law. He only has one thing going for him. He’s been there before.



From Publishers Weekly


In Logan’s solid seventh series novel (after 2005’s Homefront), a prequel, Phil Broker attempts to get his life together in Minnesota in 1979 despite a hidden military past that has made it difficult for him to get a decent job. When police officer Joe Desmond goes berserk on a cop shooting range and starts firing at fellow officers, Broker, who happens to be practicing at the range, shoots Desmond dead. After this unsettling incident, Harold Cantrell, a detective with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, persuades the vulnerable Broker to go deep undercover as a bodyguard for Russell “Soap” Turrie, an operator on the fringes of the underworld, in a scheme to recover a big drug shipment from a bunch of bad guys. As assistants, Broker recruits a team of amateurs, including an old war buddy and the psychologist who does a psych evaluation of him. Logan spins some nifty moves and countermoves as Broker and company try to stay alive in this suspenseful thriller. (Mar.)