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The Price of Blood



In the last 20 years Phil Broker has pulled himself together. A good, tough undercover cop in Minnesota, he knows the difference between a sucker punch and a lucky break. And although he's put his Vietnam years behind him, the grown daughter of his old commander has been dogging his heels for months. Nina Pryce is trying to exonerate her dishonorably discharged dead father and—more importantly—find the 10 tons of gold he helped liberate during a U.S. commando mission.


Broker doesn't like the smell of it. Still, Nina has her charms, and can be very persuasive. The only problem is, two of Broker's old army buddies have beaten them to the search. Rich, sadistic Cyrus La Porte has the means, but no direction. Convicted thief Jimmy Tuna has a line on the location but no cash. Jimmy's a dying man with nothing left to win—or lose. And Broker and Nina know both men would kill them for the slimmest chance to take it all.


A riveting suspense novel that reads like a thrilling treasure hunt with a murderous legacy that echoes down from the past.




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Logan dishes up a blood-and-guts action adventure about a Vietnam vet and a female ex-soldier with a chip on her shoulder. Late in the Vietnam War, Phil Broker was involved in a scan to steal $10 million in gold from the Vietcong. The operation went sour, the gold was lost, and Phil's commanding officer, Ray Pryce, died in the shootout and was posthumously court-martialed for his role in the debacle. Thirty years later, Broker is approached by Pryce's daughter, Nina, who has a lead on the missing gold and wants to prove that her father took a fall for someone else. Broker agrees to go to Vietnam with her to find the gold, unearth the truth about her father, and enjoy the sweet rewards of revenge. Not for the faint of heart, Logan's novel offers genuine suspense, stomach-turning violence, a devilishly twisted plot, and larger-than-life characters. Riveting reading for unsqueamish adventure fans. Emily Melton