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Hunter's Moon


Harry Griffin is a loner who's witnessed some of war's rawest moments. A survivor, he is guided in all things by his unfailing loyalty and honesty. But a tragic altercation in Minnesota's North Woods that leaves a young man dead and suspicions of murder hanging in the air tests Harry's courage as never before. Nothing could have prepared him for the eerie silence that has fallen over the incident, the challenge to his nerve, and the raw carnality of his best friend's wife.Digging for answers in a town ready to lash out in fear of the dark secrets he is moving ever closer to, Harry ignores the signs of danger at his own peril. Until it all ignites in a fire of unexpected betrayal and a bloody settling of accounts.



From Booklist


A first novel by a former Vietnam vet predictably will feature a hero who is also a vet; however, this fast-paced, violent thriller set in small-town and rural Minnesota also features two other characters who spent time in Nam. The main character is Harry Griffin, a dried-out journalist helping fellow alcoholic pal Bud Maston through a tough time. Against his better judgment, Harry accompanies Bud on an ill-conceived deer-hunting trip; along the way, he meets Bud's new wife, the sensual Jesse (who immediately tempts Harry), and her two troubled teenage children. A tragic shooting occurs on the trip, and the intrigue in a town full of secrets shifts into full throttle, endangering Harry's life. Logan's characters all have skeletons in the closet; blend in a dose of Hemingway-style macho, Ojibwa Indian mystery, and the 12-step philosophy, and Logan sends the whole mixture careening toward a thrilling--if unlikely--ending. ... a rousing, edgy first novel with a twist on the typical troubled Viet-vet story that is most satisfying. Joe Collins

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